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The Aheeva Outbound solution is a flexible tool that allows you to manage optimal outbound campaigns.


Our Outbound solution provides:

  •  Multiple dialing modes: progressive, preview, predictive and broadcast
  •  Unlimited number of filters and calling lists which can be modified at any time
  •  Automatic processing of incomplete call results: abandoned, answering machines, busy signal...
  • Blended mode: agent handles inbound/outbound calls
  • Regulatory compliance

- Management, supervision, reporting and quality monitoring optimal tools that are modifiable in real-time


FOCUS on our Predictive Dialer !

Aheeva Predictive Dialer algorithms allow for maximum customer contacts, in a minimal amount of time, while targeting precise campaign sales and service objectives.

Over dialing parameters allow agents to be constantly busy, released from manual dialing, and long waits between calls.

Constant dialing adjustment that takes into consideration parameters such as the availability of agents, the probability of the calls' outcome and the call duration.

Optimal dialing that takes into account numerous factors, so that the best time to contact your customers can be established, according to available human resources.

The benefits: 

  •  Real-time control of your campaigns
  •  Run unlimited number of campaigns
  • Optimize your human resources and reduce your costs
  • Improve the success of your agents with better tools
  • Regulatory compliance


 Improve the profitability of your contact center


FOCUS on our Predictive  Dialer !

Aheeva Predictive Dialer allows maximum customer contacts in a minimal amount of time while targeting precise campaign sales and services objectives. 

Over Dialing method, your agents are constantly maintained occupied, released from the manual dialing, and of waiting time between the calls

Permanent dialing adjustment according to the availability of the agents, the probability of outcome of the call and the call time duration.

Sophisticated dialing mode taking into account numerous factors allowing to determine the best moment to contact your customers at the best cost and according to your available human resources.


Set up of outbound calls


Product sheet

For more information download the AheevaCCS Outbound solution Product Sheet


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