The Aheeva Advantage

Companies choose Aheeva because we deliver on our commitments. We are committed to supplying contact centers with products and solutions of superior quality that exceed our clients expectations.

Our Omnibranding flexibility, or in other words white labeling, will allow you to put your own logo and use your own colors to promote your own brand and nurture the fidelity of your customers. Driving revenue is great, but the real key to continued strength and long-term growth is a powerful brand.

Customize our interface to promote your brand in the eyes of your customers.

If you decide to host multiple clients on the platform, Aheeva’s multi-tenant capability handles securing the data of each client and separating all accesses, thus each client will only see his own logo and estate.

Whether you are an organization looking for a Contact Center solution, a BPO looking to upgrade your software to a more modern solution, or you are considering offering hosting and offering Contact Center services to your clients, the Aheeva solution is adapted to both on-premises behind your firewall or in the cloud deployment. In all cases your clients will be blown away by the how quickly they will be up and running. Fueling your Contact Center with Aheeva is how you make them live the Aheeva “From Zero to launch in 24 hours!” experience.

The Aheeva Contact Center Solution comes with a rich set of Application Programming Interface (API) that opens the door for easily integrating with third-party solutions such as your favorite CRM or for building your own application with Aheeva behind the scenes.

Adopting Aheeva allows you to rest reassured that your Contact Center operations will continue running in case of unfortunate events. The Aheeva High Availability architecture will make sure all components are available and continue running with minimal to no interruption. Also, does it really matter where your agents are located to offer an astonishing user experience? Well it shouldn’t. Agents connected to the Aheeva Contact Center Solution can be virtually anywhere as long as they have access to an internet connection and a web browser. You can even have a mix of on-site and remote agents working together and handling the same clients whether for inbound contacts or outbound campaigns. And what better way to ensure the continuity of your services then having your agents relocate with minimal heads-up.

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