Created in 2000, Aheeva Technology specializes in developing and selling its Contact Center Solution to business. The Aheeva software is suited for both cloud-based and on premises installations, and for single and multi-tenants needs.

The Company

Our strength is our human capital who is innovative and settles for nothing less than excellence. Our focus is on developing great software, innovating faster than our competitors and we are fanatical about providing an exceptional user experience for our customers.

This experience is founded on our 4 core fundamentals. At the base, INNOVATION is the foundation upon which we stand. We invest heavily in research, partner with leading knowledge centers and create cross-functional teams to deliver innovative solutions with exceptional QUALITY, SUPPORT and VALUE.

Aheeva Technology has its headquarter located in Montreal, Quebec in Canada, and relies on a worldwide network of partners located in North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa, The Middle East, Asia and Australia.

The Mission

Deliver Better Customer Experience

The Aheeva moto is to always “Deliver Better Customer Experience”. It is a constant effort and what drives our innovations and features. The software we develop aims to empower businesses to increase revenue, reduce costs and deliver a seamless communication experience that results in exceptional customer satisfaction and makes bad customer experience something from the past.

The Team

Aheeva relies on its sharpest and innovative minds to constantly push its technological boundaries and fine tune the Customer Experience we promise. Without further delay, we proudly introducing the A-Team:

Pierre Donaldson

Chairman & CEO

Pierre Donaldson has more then 30 years of experience in the software industry both as an operator and as a venture capitalist.

Prior to joining Aheeva, Pierre was Executive Chairman of Planora Inc. (acquired by Red Prairie Inc. in July 2012). He was also a partner at JLA Ventures and the BlackBerry Partners Fund. Pierre played a leadership role in a number of companies in North America and in Europe: Bioscrypt Inc., Descartes Systems Group, Treasury Services Corporation (acquired by Oracle), Virtual Prototypes Inc. and Dun&Bradstreet Software.

Claude Klimos

Chief Product Officer

Claude Klimos joined Aheeva Technology in 2002 as both IT director and partner. He participated in the development of thee Aheeva Contact Center Solution, the successful Asterisk-based IP contact center suite, and continues to oversee the Aheeva product as Chief Product Officer.

Prior to joining Aheeva, he held senior analyst and research positions at Univoc and Elix, specializing in computer telephony solutions. He also held the position of IT director then Chief Technology Officer at Atelka Enterprise, now part of TTEC.

Chadi El-Khoury

Vice-President - Software Development

Chadi El-Khoury has more than 15 years of software development experience. Being one of the first hires he quickly imposed his knowledge and mastering of the technology to climb up the ladder and become VP and in charge of all software development at Aheeva. In addition to his technical skills, he is key in making sure the engineering team delivers quality and user-friendly products.

Andres Gonzalez

Director of Sales & Support - ASIA & LATAM

Andres Gonzalez has over 15 years of experience in the Contact Center arena. He is constantly immersed in Contact Center solutions and feels rewarded when customers are happy by meeting their needs through improved technology. Andres has a degree in engineering and prior to joining Aheeva in 2014 he held senior positions at IBM Global Services. Today he focuses on increasing Aheeva’s sales by developing new markets in both the ASIA and LATAM, while also leading a cross-functional team of engineers to build and promote unique solutions to help customers achieve more.

Papa-Amadou Mbaye

Director of Sales & Support - North America and EMEA

With Over 15 years in software technology and with more than 10 years in the Contact Center industry, Amadou embraces his role of Sales with strong technical skills and today he is enjoying to work closely with customers on all matters. Customer Experience is the keyword in the industry, and Amadou makes sure that a wonderful customer service stays at the heart of all his duties. Papa-Amadou Mbaye holds A Bachelor degree in Computer Science and solid technical certifications in networking and system administration.

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