ajuda a agentes para realizar a capacidade máxima.

Visão geral do Gerenciamento

Ferramentas para monitorar suas operações e treinar seus agentes

The need for Quality Management tools is not a new concept. Good QM is the cornerstone of a well run contact center. Quality drives customer satisfaction, which leads to customer loyalty and higher ROIs and profits.

Aheeva’s QM is a proven platform that enables a short feedback loop so that your management team can ensure that agents have the necessary skills, the attitude and the motivation to meet you organization’s objectives.


Capacitar os gestores com resultados operacionais acionáveis em tempo real

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    Interact with Agents

    Manage your contact center and interact with agents from anywhere there is Internet

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    Real-time feedback

    More effective supervisors that have the tools to deliver real-time feedback to agents

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    Actively manage and measure the quality and the productivity of daily operations

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    Customer Service

    Increase contact quality and deliver better customer service

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    Live coaching

    Real-time dashboards & Live coaching.

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    100% web-based

    100% web-based company


Os nossos clientes são capazes de aumentar a produtividade do usuário final sem sacrificar a usabilidade.

  • Business Agility

    Comes standard with deployments (no additional licensing required)

  • Security and compliance

    Coaching agents in real-time shortens training duration

  • Office mobility

    Identify areas to improve for higher quality of service

  • Application development

    Refine business processes and quickly identify necessary adjustments for better performance

Pare de perder tempo e dinheiro em tecnologia. Vamos começar


tecnologia, concentrando-se em 3 áreas-chave

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    Live Listening Platform

    Verify the adherence of the agent’s speech to your business policies

    Whisper “in private conversation” to provide tips to the agent without the customer hearing

    Evaluate the agent’s training level and skills

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    Audio Recording & Playback

    Record the calls in WAV or MP3 format and comply with the PCI –DSS standards (avoiding the recording of sensitive credit card -related information, optional encryption of recording, no special recording equipment is required)

    Store the recordings and retrieve them using flexible search criteria such as agent group, agent, date, phone number, sales and campaign data

    Replay video recordings to view the information entered by the agent in the customer’s information page or in other applications

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    Evaluation System

    Create as many evaluation criteria as you wish

    Create various possible answers for the open-ended questions

    Group questions together and score every answer

    Evaluate your agents on precise and modifiable criteria for the various campaigns