Aheeva Call Centre Analytics

Technical Details

Why Choose Aheeva

In the dynamic landscape of customer interactions, businesses rely heavily on call centers to facilitate seamless communication and enhance customer satisfaction. In this pursuit, Aheeva presents its Call Centre Analytics Solution—a comprehensive and intelligent platform designed to empower businesses with actionable insights, improve operational efficiency, and elevate the overall customer experience.

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Main Features

Key features include

Real-time Performance Monitoring

Aheeva's Analytics Solution offers real-time monitoring capabilities, providing a live snapshot of call center activities. Supervisors and managers can track metrics such as call volume, agent availability, and customer wait times, enabling them to make instant adjustments to optimize resource allocation and ensure smooth customer interactions.


The solution allows users to create personalized dashboards tailored to their specific needs. By selecting relevant key performance indicators (KPIs) and arranging widgets intuitively, teams can effortlessly visualize and interpret data, fostering datadriven decision-making.


Aheeva's solution goes beyond standard reporting, offering an array of customizable and automated reports. These reports can be generated on a schedule or on-demand, helping businesses gain deeper insights into trends, agent performance, customer satisfaction, and more.


The Analytics Solution facilitates benchmarking against industry standards and best practices. By comparing performance metrics against pre-established benchmarks, call centers can identify areas for improvement and establish goals for enhanced efficiency and service quality.

Aheeva’s Inbound Call Center Solution is built upon a robust architecture that ensures reliability, and security.


Aheeva's Analytics Solution is built on a robust cloud-native architecture. It enables seamless integration with existing call center systems, reducing deployment complexities.

Data Processing and Storage

The solution employs advanced data processing techniques to handle the vast volume of call center data. Data is stored securely and can be accessed easily for analysis and reporting, ensuring compliance with data protection regulations.


Aheeva's Analytics Solution extends beyond traditional voice calls to include multi-channel support. It can analyze data from chat, email, and social media interactions, offering a comprehensive view of customer engagement across various platforms.


The solution boasts an intuitive user interface designed to cater to users of varying technical backgrounds. Navigating through data, creating reports, and extracting insights are all streamlined to enhance user experience.