Transforming customer engagement into an art form.

Today and for over than 20 years, Aheeva has been a catalyst for the transformation of the contact center industry, igniting the ambitions and dreams of businesses worldwide. From its very inception, Aheeva’s purpose has been clear—to empower companies to exceed their own expectations and unlock their true potential.

Our Vision

Our vision at Aheeva is to partner with businesses to help every organization achieve their dreams. We envision a world where businesses can effortlessly connect with their customers, leveraging reliable technology to deliver seamless inbound and outbound interactions. By offering comprehensive analytics and a suite of advanced services, we aim to empower organizations to make informed decisions, optimize their operations, and elevate customer experiences. We are here to guide enterprises towards success in their call center operations.

Our Mission

At Aheeva, our mission is to empower businesses with comprehensive contact center solutions that drive efficiency, excellence, and growth. We are committed to providing a platform where organizations can explore, understand, and access our range of inbound and outbound services, while also gaining insights into the power of data-driven analytics. We are dedicated to delivering the highest quality of support, leveraging our expertise and experience to guide businesses in optimizing their contact center operations. Our mission is to transform customer interactions, enhance productivity, and help enterprises foster meaningful connections that last.

At Aheeva, we have always been driven by a relentless passion to revolutionize the way businesses engage with their customers. From day one, the goal of Aheeva is to provide its partners with solutions to help them grow and grasp every prospect. Today, as we embark on a remarkable journey to the cloud, we envision a future where every interaction becomes an opportunity for greatness.

The challenges faced and overcome in Aheeva’s story, show that the company’s DNA is based on flexibility, transparency and convenience.


It all started with a new voice recognition software

Georges and Francois developed a new voice recognition software to monitor the call center quality calls. The project was unfortunately put on hold because of a lack of funding.


The shift to consulting

To keep moving, they decided to shift their business model to consulting, providing consulting services for other companies, mainly Telecom.


And, Enter Claude

A valuable new member, Claude joined the team to grow the consulting services. especially after winning a 1st contract.


The real opportunity is here but the team needs an office!

Francois overhears a client complain about their call center service provider and decides to start running the operations for the call center. However, the technology wasn’t ready…neither was there an office to work from!

…Still in 2003

The operators with an extensive consulting experience

In order not to miss the opportunity, the team proposed to the client to do the calls from the client’s office.15 new agents were recruited ! Yet, the technology was too expensive and they had to find an alternative.


Asterisk is here

In an attempt to find a cheaper alternative, the team started developing a solution that leverages Asterisk, which was a complete success!

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They were the operators creating an entirely new call center software.

The team temporarily recruited and managed the 15 agents from the client site using the existing technology because they would never give up on their dream. The team understood the business and its details and invested their knowledge into their new project.

Francois and Georges worked during the day managing the call center operations and outside of business hours, with Claude, developing the soon to be Aheeva CCS. Combining their expertise in managing a call center while benchmarking with other solution, they developed Aheeva CCS, a powerful and yet simple and flexible solution that allowed the call center to grow and stay profitable.

Aheeva’s DNA: Transparency and Flexibility

From the return of the Co-Founder Georges to Aheeva in 2023, to the move to the cloud, Aheeva is not merely offering a technological shift but creating a gateway to unlimited possibilities. Aheeva is empowering its partners with the ability to transcend boundaries, innovate fearlessly, and redefine their industry standards.

The cloud serves as a catalyst, propelling our clients towards their wildest aspirations, while providing the flexibility and transparency needed to adapt and conquer new horizons. With Aheeva's cloud solutions, our partners can dream bigger, think bolder, and achieve extraordinary feats.