The Omnichannel Experience


Why Choose Aheeva

Aheeva's Cloud Contact Center Solution offers robust social media integration capabilities, allowing customers to seamlessly interact with customers on platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook Posts and Messenger, Telegram, and X, in addition to the more traditional Calls, Emails, and Chat. With these platforms successfully integrated into a unified interface, agents are empowered to deliver the experience customers are longing for. Aheeva’s agents can efficiently manage customer interactions, enhance productivity, and deliver exceptional service.

The agents’ workspace as well as the Aheeva Manager have been tailored toward offering consistent omnichannel experience to the customer, the agent, and the contact center supervisor or manager.

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Key Functionalities

The agent’s workspace, or the Agent Web Application (AWA), offers key functionalities such as

Case Management

Grouping together multiple interactions and data over distinct channels from the same contact regarding the same topic (case) to offer a uniform view and better insight to the agent.

Customer Journey

Agents have easy access to an Omni Search to get the history of communications with a customer across all channels and retrieve details on any specific interaction.

Consistent Information

Making the same customer information available to the agent across all channels.

Channel Agnostic

Customers can communicate with agents and then switch channels without any disruption for a smooth experience.

Case management is a powerful mechanism that identifies customers and links together all the communications they have with the contact center, grouped by case or reason for the contact. Customers can be identified by their phone number or email depending on the channel technology.

The following simple scenario helps explain Case Management and Omnichannel:

  • An existing customer calls the contact center and is connected got an agent.
  • The agent receives the call. The system recognizes the phone number and displays contact information and the list of associated cases.
  • Based on the conversation the agent can decide to either create a new case for this call or attach the call to an existing case.
  • Similarly, if the customer starts a chat with an agent, then the system will look up the email address and retrieve the contact information and the cases.
  • If an existing customer calls from a phone number that is not found in the system or communicates with an agent using a channel that does not provide a phone number or email address, then, using the Omni Search, the agent can search for the existing contacts database using a phone number or email address that the customer would provide.

Contact center supervisors have access to the same Omni Search as the agents. From the Aheeva Manager, they have the possibility to retrieve the list of cases using different search criteria. Clicking on a case will expand its view and show all the related communications with the possibility to listen to the audio recording of Calls and view transcripts and content of Chats, Emails, SMS, and social channels.