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Whether you want to start a new contact center, expand the functionalities of your existing one, or explore new and engaging ways to reach out to new customers in the cloud or on-premises ournetwork of exclusive Aheeva partners got the answers you seek.Together we deliver tailored solutions that focus on your very unique and specific needs totriumph in today’s economy.

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Together we deliver tailored solutions that focus on your very unique and specific needs to triumph in today’s economy.

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Aheeva assists enterprises in revitalizing their customer service operations.

Inventtis trusts the seriousness, flexibility and performance that Aheeva offers to its channels and customers. We have important cases that we were only able to successfully implement with the commitment and help of Aheeva to meet the demands of IT security and, mainly, of innovations. With Aheeva's partnership strengthened and all the support provided, Inventtis decided to increase its area of operation and in the next months we should start new projects in at least 7 countries, all due to a 100% web and multi-language platform.
Rafael Neco
CEO, Inventtis
“Aheeva is a complete solution for a contact center operation, which in addition to being flexible and meeting different operational needs, demonstrates to be an extremely stable and reliable platform, essential attributes for any operation. We are proud to hear constant compliments from our customers about the features and reliability of the Aheeva Solution.”
Claudio Miraldo
Manager, VirtualCCS
As distributors, we consider Aheeva as a business platform that provides solutions in the market and in the cloud due to its interoperability and mobility capacity, being multichannel and robust. During these 7 years of working with the brand, we have seen how it has consolidated as a Contact Center platform, being a platform for monitoring centers, medical care centers, collection operations, among others.
Victor Martinez
We have worked with Aheva since 2008 and we have grown along with the platform, we have seen great changes in recent years, which has allowed our clients to have greater productivity and attention for their clients through its different communication channels, Aheeva It has allowed growth in the Call Center branch of different branches or sectors such as Hotels, financials, communications, etc. In conclusion, we consider the Aheeva platform as an accessible and complete tool for the operation of a Call Center.
Armando Cid