Seamless Social Media Interactions

Technical Details

Why Choose Aheeva

Aheeva proudly presents its advanced Call Centre Solution, now fortified with Seamless Social MediaInteractions. These interactions mark a pivotal step towards harmonizing customer engagement, enhancing efficiency, and fostering meaningful relationships.

The importance of integrating social channels into a contact center cannot be overstated. Aheeva’s Cloud Contact Center Solution favors real-time engagement and seamlessly lets your customers use their favorite social channel to reach your customer representatives whether its Facebook Posts and Messenger, X (Twitter), WhatsApp, or Telegram. And the list just keeps growing. Agents receive the social communications and respond in real time using the same integrated application they are familiar with for handling Calls, Chats, Emails and SMS, without the hassle of using specific social media Apps.

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Aheeva’s Outbound Call Center Solution is designed to empower businesses with the tools they need for effective outbound communication. Key features include


Aheeva's Solution is built on an API-driven architecture, enabling seamless integration with a wide array of social media platforms This flexibility ensures compatibility with diverse technology ecosystems.


Aheeva prioritizes data security through encrypted data transfer and storage. Confidential customer information from any social media platform is handled with utmost care, adhering to industry standards and regulations.

Real-time Data

Aheeva's integration operates in real-time, ensuring that agents have access to the latest customer information and interactions across channels. This empowers agents to provide timely and informed responses.