Integrations & API


Why Choose Aheeva

Having an open software, meaning one that can easily integrate with other software and systems, is an essential aspect of any modern software, and the Aheeva Cloud Contact Center solution is no exception. Aheeva’s software offers both integrations with third-party solutions and a rich set of Application Programing Interfaces (APIs) for customers to implement their own integrations or have programmatic access to different functionalities.

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Third-Party CRM integrations

Aheeva offers its customers integrations with leading Customer Relationship Management solutions

such as Salesforce, Zendesk, Microsoft Dynamics (and more to come). These integrations provide customers with several advantages

Single Workspace

Agents use the CRM software as their main workspace without the need to switch back and forth between the CRM workspace and Aheeva’s workspace. By authenticating in the CRM, they get automatically connected to the Aheeva Contact Center system and have access to all the available features such as click-to-call, or even listen to audio recordings of previous calls.

Improved Efficiency

Automation of data sharing between the Aheeva Contact Center software and the CRM system helps in reducing manual data entry and duplication of effort.Also, sales opportunities can be identified and acted upon more quickly. For example, if a customer calls with a product inquiry, the agent can check the CRM system for any past purchase history and use that information to make a targeted sales pitch.

Single View of the Customer

Agents have a single, consolidated view of the customer by combining the data from both systems. This enables them to have all the relevant information about the customer at their fingertips, which can lead to more personalized and efficient service.

Personalized Service

With complete access to the customer's interaction history, preferences, and purchase history, agents can provide more personalized service by making recommendations, or addressing specific needs or concerns of the customer.

Improved Response Time

With all the relevant information about the customer readily available, agents can respond faster and more accurately to customer inquiries, leading to improved customer satisfaction.

Enhanced Reporting and Analytics

Integration with CRM systems enables more comprehensive reporting and analytics as data from both systems can be combined and analyzed to gain insights into customer behavior, agent performance, and operational efficiency.

Ultimately, all the above advantages contribute to improved customer satisfaction by enabling more personalized, efficient, and consistent service.

Application Programing Interfaces (APIs)

In addition to CRM software integrations, Aheeva exposes a complete large set of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for developers to implement their own integrations built on top of the Aheeva software. APIs are essential in the modern digital world as they allow different software applications to communicate with each other. In the context of the Aheeva Cloud Contact Center software, in addition to integration, APIs offer several advantages


Provide the flexibility to customize the software according to the specific needs of the business. For example, a business can develop custom applications or integrations to add new features or capabilities to the contact center software that are not available out of the box.

Cost Savings

By enabling automation, integration, and customization, APIs can help in reducing the operational costs of the contact center. For example, by integrating the contact center software with a ticketing system, tickets can be automatically created for each customer interaction, reducing the need for manual data entry.


Businesses can innovate by developing new applications or services that leverage the capabilities of the Aheeva Contact Center software. For example, a business could develop a mobile app that allows customers to communicate with the contact center via chat or voice from their mobile devices.


Enable automation of repetitive tasks and workflows. For example, when a customer calls the contact center.

The Aheeva APIs give access to all the functionalities to operate and monitor a contact center, as well as implementing Agents tools to handle interactions.

APIs are essential in the modern digital world as they allow different software applications to communicate with each other. In the context of contact center software, APIs offer several advantages:

Aheeva Manager APIs

The Aheeva Manager API is REST based and the primary application interface to the Aheeva Cloud Contact Center Manager. It gives developers access to configuration, operation, and management services.

Services accessed by the REST API include the creation and configuration of Agent Groups and Teams, Agents, Skill sets, Not-Ready Reasons, Calling Lists and Do-Not-Call lists, Outbound Campaigns management, Queues, Audio Files, Chat Server, Evaluation Forms, Dispositions, Call History, Phonebooks, Reporting, Routing Scripts, Users, Dispositions, etc.

In addition to creating entities, operation, and management services, for example to load and add records to Calling Lists, recycle Calling Lists, Load/Start/Stop/Unload Outbound Campaigns, Manage Users’ Passwords, Assign Skills to Agents, etc.

Agent Front-End Framework

This framework is a Typescript SDK and allows developer to incorporate agent workspace functionalities into an in-house application, or even build a complete agent workspace as an alternative to the Agent Application that Aheeva provides.

The Agent SDK is a front-end-to-front-end integration without the need for back-end services. It allows:

  • Executions of actions on the Agent Front-End from the host application.
  • Listening to events generated from the Agent front-end to implement some business logic.

Statistics Server APIs

The Statistics Server API is REST based and opens the door for external applications to create and retrieve statistics in real-time. Businesses can incorporate statistics and KPIs pulled from the Aheeva Contact Center into any external software.

Using the API developers can:

  • Use existing metrics or create new ones that the business needs to monitor.
  • Get the value of the metrics in real-time by simply calling a REST API endpoint.
  • Integrate with any existing system that allows making HTTP requests.

Metrics that can be created and accessed by API includeQueues, Agent Groups, Teams, Outbound Campaigns, Inbound Calls, etc.