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Why Choose Aheeva

Aheeva's Cloud Contact Center solution empowers organizations with advanced real-time analytics and visual dashboards, offering deep insights into call center performance and customer interactions. They provide contact center operators with the technical prowess to gain actionable insights, optimize operations, and enhance customer satisfaction. The combination of real-time data collection, processing, and visualization tools makes it a powerful asset for data-driven decision-making.

The Aheeva Dashboards provide a real-time snapshot of the most important metrics and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) that are crucial in managing and optimizing the performance of a contact center. A well-designed dashboard will help in tracking the performance of agents, monitor customer satisfaction, and ensure the service level are being met.

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Main Features

Aheeva’s Dashboards are:


Users can customize the dashboard to display the metrics that are most important to them.


Users can interact with the dashboard, for example by drilling down into more detailed information, even monitor agents (spy/whisper/barge-in/view screen) by simplyclicking on the agent and choosing the desired action.

Easy to Use

All dashboards are user-friendly and easy to create and customize.


Visual elements like charts, graphs, and color coding are used to make the data easy to understand at a glance.


Users can access the dashboards from various devices such as computers, tablets, and mobile phones.

Real-Time Monitoring Tools

Supervisors utilize real-time dashboards equipped with monitoring, whispering, and barge-in capabilities to provide immediate guidance and support to agents during live calls.

Real-Time Reporting

Automated, real-time reporting mechanisms and dashboards enable continuous monitoring of KPIs and operations, facilitating prompt decision-making and issue resolution.
Real-Time Metric

Aheeva’s Dashboards can display real-time metric on a panoply of contact center services and components as

Call Queues

Social Queues


Agent Groups


Outbound Campaigns

Campaign Calling Lists

Extended Metrics

Metrics that can be displayed onAheeva’s
Dashboards include

  • Volume of Interactions: This includes the total number of interactions (calls, emails, chats, social, etc.) received in a given period.
  • Service Levels.
  • Average Handling Time (AHT).
  • Average Waiting Time.
  • Number of calls received, queued, distributed.
  • Average Speed To Answer.
  • Abandon Rate.
  • Agent Status: Real-time information on the status of agents, e.g., available, on a call, on a break, etc.
  • Calls in Queue.
  • Agent Performance: Metrics related to individual agent performance, such as calls handled, average handle time, customer satisfaction, etc.
Visual Alerts

In addition to displaying statistics in real-time, users can enable visual alerts on the metrics of their choice. Visual alerts are important on a contact center dashboard for several reasons

Quick Identification of Issues

For example, a sudden spike in call volumes leading to a significant drop in service levels can draw immediate attention to the issue.


Color coding alerts help in prioritizing issues. For example, a red alert for service levels dropping below a critical threshold would indicate a higher priority issue compared to a yellow alert for a minor increase in average handling time.

Ease of Monitoring

Since contact center supervisors often need to monitor multiple metrics simultaneously, visual alerts make it easier to monitor the dashboard and quickly identify any metrics that are outside of the desired range.


In some cases, contact centers are required to meet certain service levels or adhere to regulatory requirements. Visual alerts can help in ensuring compliance by drawing attention to any metrics that are approaching or exceeding the defined thresholds.

Employee Engagement

Visual alerts can also be used to highlight positive performance and encourage healthy competition among agents. For example, visual alerts can be set to highlight agents who achieve a high first call resolution rate or the highest number of sales.
Historical Reports

Aheeva’s Cloud Contact Center analytics also offer a number of historical reports that can be generated and viewed directly or scheduled for automatic periodic delivery by email. The list of historical reports include

Agent Activity Report

Agent Details Report

Agent Dispositions Report

Agent Group Report

Agent Login Detail Report

Agent Productivity Report

Calling List Details Report

Calling List Report

Campaign Dispositions Report

Campaign Report

Chat Life Report

Deferred Agent Report

Deferred Queue Report

Dispositions Summary Report

Inbound Call Life Report

Inbound Call Report

Inbound Queues Report

Omnichannel Report

Outbound Agent Disposition Report

Outbound Call Life Report

Outbound Call Report

Outbound Disposition Report

Productivity Report

Queue Activity Tracker Report

Queue Report

In conclusion, contact center dashboard and reports are an essential tool for managing and optimizing the performance of a contact center. It provides real-time data on key metrics, enabling supervisors and agents to make informed decisions quickly and ultimately enhancing the customer experience.