Deliver Better Customer Experience

Created in 2000, Aheeva Technology specializes in developing and selling its Contact Center Solution to business. The Aheeva software is suited for both cloud-based and on premises installations, and for single and multi-tenants needs.

The Company

Our strength is our human capital who is innovative and settles for nothing less than excellence. Our focus is on developing great software, innovating faster than our competitors and we are fanatical about providing an exceptional user experience for our customers.

This experience is founded on our 4 core fundamentals. At the base, INNOVATION is the foundation upon which we stand. We invest heavily in research, partner with leading knowledge centers and create cross-functional teams to deliver innovative solutions with exceptional QUALITY, SUPPORT and VALUE.

Aheeva Technology has its headquarter located in Montreal, Quebec in Canada, and relies on a worldwide network of partners located in North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa, The Middle East, Asia and Australia.

The Mission

Deliver Better Customer Experience

The Aheeva moto is to always “Deliver Better Customer Experience”. It is a constant effort and what drives our innovations and features. The software we develop aims to empower businesses to increase revenue, reduce costs and deliver a seamless communication experience that results in exceptional customer satisfaction and makes bad customer experience something from the past.

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