The Aheeva Leap

Enhance your Customers’ journey like never before with the Aheeva Contact Center software!

We understand that delivering exceptional customer experiences is crucial for your business’s success, and that’s why we’ve developed a cutting-edge solution that revolutionizes the way you engage with your customers.

Enhance your Customers’ journey like never before with the Aheeva Contact Center software!

Aheeva CCaaS

Aheeva’s Contact Center as a Service combines advanced technology with intuitive features to ensure seamless interactions across multiple channels, including voice, email, chat, and social media. From personalized greetings to intelligent routing, our platform empowers your agents to provide prompt and efficient support, leaving your customers feeling valued and satisfied. With real-time analytics and reporting, you gain valuable insights into customer behavior, enabling you to make data-driven decisions to optimize your service.

Take the Aheeva Leap and unlock a new level of customer experience that will set your business apart from the competition.


The ideal tool for quickly building self-serving IVRs and Routing Scripts to guide customers to the most qualified agent.

The Aheeva Inbound is the ideal tool for quickly building Routing Scripts with its intuitive interactions builder, to implement intelligent interactive self-serving systems route the customer to the most qualified agent for assistance. And when hold times get long, our Virtual On Hold gives the callers the option to hang up without loosing their place in the queue and get called back as soon as they are next to be served.


Our Predictive dialer coupled with Answering Machine Detection boosts agents’ productivity while respecting regulations.

The Outbound solution is the ideal engine for automatically reaching your customer whether by running Broadcast Campaigns that initiate large number of calls, or using our Predictive Dialer coupled with our Answering Machine Detection to minimize the agents’ waiting time between calls while respecting telemarketing rules and regulations. In addition, the Aheeva Outbound solution offers a Progressive dialing mode a Preview mode ideal with B2B where the agent can get familiar with the customer’s information prior to dialer initiating the call.


Let customers use their favorite mean of communication whether by phone, SMS, Chat, Email, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, or WhatsApp.

As customers habits and interaction preferences become broader than just phone calls, it becomes of utmost importance to offer a diversity of communication means to heighten customer satisfaction and increase your online presence. The Aheeva Omnichannel solution allows you to offer your customer the possibility to choose their favorite channel of contacting you by seamlessly, in addition to phone calls, integrating communication technologies such as SMS, Chat, Email, Facebook Messenger and posts, Twitter, and WhatsApp.


Display real-time metrics on rich Dashboards and a have a multitude of pre-built historical reports delivered right to your inbox.

Optimal operations of a Contact Center rely heavily on administrators being able to make the right decisions based on real-time and historical data. The Aheeva Analytics includes real-time and historical reporting. Information is based on events captured and stored relating to inbound and outbound communications as well as their outcome such as dispositions, resolutions and sales results, number of potential customers hanging up due to long delays, etc.

Using the Analytics modules, you can build comprehensive dashboards that display real-time metrics like number of calls waiting in queues, number of waiting agents, abandon levels, service level, average handling time of calls, and much more. Or you can choose from the multitude of pre-built reports the ones important for your administrators and have them automatically scheduled for delivery right to their inbox.

Quality Management

100% of call recordings and transcripts with evaluation forms, as well as live monitoring of calls and agents’ screens for coaching.

Aheeva Quality Management offers you recordings and transcripts of 100% of your representatives’ interactions with you customers, on all channels. You can build Evaluations Forms to help you assess the quality of the service and grade the agent accordingly.

In addition, supervisors can do live monitoring by spying on calls in progress, whispering to the agent in order to offer assistance, or barging-in on the call. Live monitoring of calls and remotely viewing agents’ screen make training and coaching far more efficient.

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